Appearances & Commentary 

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"Canada's Refugee Road: A lifeline for some, a political headache for others," The Guardian, 25 May 2022.

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“Refuge” episode of CBC Radio’s premiere intellectual program Ideas focused on my collaborative research with my colleague, Prof. Kiran Banerjee. It was the most listened-to broadcast in 2015, and rebroadcast February 2017.


“Together Project Plays Matchmaker for Government-Assisted Refugees,” Toronto Star. 23 Nov, 2016.

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Public Lectures

"The Balance of (Migration) Power in North America: Critical Reflection on the Eve of the US Election," CERC in Migration and Integration, Ryerson University. 29 October, 2020. 

"On the Move in North America: Asylum Seekers in Canada, the US, and Mexico," Centre for Refugee Studies, York University, 26 November, 2019. 

"Criminalizing Compassion: Controlling Mobility by Punishing Humanitarian Aid to Migrants," The Borderless

 Citizen Project, Harbourfront Centre, 19 November, 2019. 

"Hysterical Borders: Barriers, Incarceration, and Migration Deterrence Policies," Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy, 18 April, 2019.


"America First, Canada Last: The Effects of Trump Administration Policy Changes on Irregular Migration to Canada," Ryerson University, 1 April, 2019.

“’Caravans’, Displacement in Central America, and the Future of the Safe Third Country Agreement: How Canada Can Cope with US Policy Change,” Pathways to Prosperity Conference Plenary Panel, Montreal, 22 Nov 2018.


“The Tragedy of Europe: How Integration and Open Borders Cause Migration Crises,” Centre for Refugee Studies Seminar Series, York University, 16 Oct, 2018.


“Harnessing the Constructive Power of Disruption,” 6 Degrees Annual Conference, Toronto, ON, 22 September 2017


“The Syrian Refugee Crisis: The Problems of Spillovers and Institutional Carrying Capacity” presented at the University of Toronto by invitation of UNICEF Canada, 27 Jan 2015


“International Migration and the State System: Mobility and Controls in the Contemporary Mediterranean Region” presented as a Visiting Research Fellow, Centre for Migration & Refugee Studies, American University of Cairo 22 Nov, 2013


“The Stranger Who Sojourns Among You: Understanding the Contemporary Sinai Migration Route” presented by invitation at Conservative Yeshiva, Jerusalem, Israel 15 July, 2012


“The Political Geography of Climate Migration in North Africa” presented at Roots & Legacies: Confronting Politics in the Post-Colony, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto, 28 Jan 2012